Acala Ecosystem Spotlight: Meet Reva, the Artist Designing Acala’s Exclusive Crowdloan NFT

Contribute to the Acala Crowdloan before Thursday, Nov 18 to qualify for the NFT and ACA rewards

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As Acala prepares to launch its new DeFi economy on Polkadot, so too are the myriad of projects building on its layer-1 platform. From enterprise fintech companies to well-known protocols and up-and-coming creators, we’re pleased to feature a variety of partnerships and collaborations with our new series: Acala Ecosystem Spotlight.

Meet the NFT Artist Collaborating with Acala

With over 80,000 participants contributing over 31.5 Million DOT to the Acala Crowdloan, it’s clear the community is excited to support Acala and to secure their network ownership with an allocation of ACA tokens. But our team wanted to take another step to extend our gratitude by sending an exclusive NFT to anyone that participates in the Acala Crowdloan before Thursday, November 18.

The NFT will be gifted to users who contribute to the crowdloan via the direct or LCDOT method on the Acala website before the first Polkadot parachain slot auction concludes on November 18th at Polkadot Relay Chain Block #7,756,110 (approximately 11:55 am UTC).

Join the Acala Crowdloan here.

To create this NFT and celebrate the community, Acala has teamed up with artist Reva. Reva has years of experience working as an algorithm programmer in the filmmaking industry and Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality field. Her passion for the visual presentation of mathematical functions and autonomous system simulation can be seen throughout her work.

Enjoy getting to know Reva as we discover what inspires her work, the inspiration behind the Acala NFT, and more!

How did you get your start in the NFT space?

Before I knew about NFTs, I read through the Bitcoin whitepaper. Thanks to my technology background, I quickly understood that blockchain was an important technology in this era. It wasn’t until early 2020 that I first learned about crypto art from an article. It was around the time the pandemic started to get serious, and many of my art projects had to be postponed. I felt excited about this new space, and soon devoted myself to the research of crypto art and participated in the communities of many NFT platforms.

Starlike Inspirations | The inspiration is like a sudden spark lit a star.

Where do you find inspiration for your art?

My inspirations come mainly from math. Since most of my previous experiences were related to science, technology, and mathematics, I was interested in the visual presentation of mathematical functions and autonomous system simulation. My recent interest is in fractal art. It has a lot of details and is rich in variety that I find really fascinating.

5-hydroxytryptamine | The sweet bitterness, the happy sadness, the warm loneliness.

How did you meet the Acala team? What made this project interesting to you?

One of my earliest collectors, CAO YIN, introduced the Acala project to me. He told me there was a chance to create NFTs according to the culture of a promising project in the crypto world. I was drawn by the theme of the art project, which is to create artwork about mandala, a spiritual symbol in Asian cultures, and Acala, the Immovable Wisdom King.

The Droplet | Tribute to “The Dark Forest” by Liu Cixin.

How did you come up with your specific style for the Acala NFT?

I usually write codes to make art. But this time I combined three modes to create the artwork. First, I did a digital painting to draw the central figure of Acala. Then, I made several layers of the background using Illustrator. Finally, I made a program to generate the dynamics of the mandala and the shifting of different layers of the background. There are many details in the whole artwork.

Dopamine | It makes you happy. It makes you shiver. It fills you with love.

Where did you draw your inspiration from for the Acala NFT?

I got inspiration from the culture of the mandala and the crypto world. I drew a new figure of Acala in the crypto world, who is powered by the technology of blockchain, and watching the traffic of different transactions.

Describe your dream project.

I dream about a real-time interactive project on the blockchain. It can be interacted with by anyone through smart contracts. It can reveal some interesting aspects of reality. It would be a bridge between crypto and the real world.

For more information on Reva, you can visit her NFT portfolio at Makersplace.

To become eligible to receive the Acala Crowdloan NFT, you can contribute to the Acala Crowdloan.

About Acala

Acala is an Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform optimized for DeFi and scaling DApps to Polkadot. The blockchain has built-in DeFi protocols for application developers to leverage, including a decentralized stablecoin (Acala Dollar — aUSD), a trustless staking derivatives (liquid DOT — LDOT), and a decentralized exchange.

Acala was founded in Oct 2019, has received several Web3 Foundation grants, has backing from Coinbase Ventures, Pantera Capital, Polychain Capital, Digital Currency Group, Arrington XRP Capital, and other top firms, and has a distributed team in New Zealand, China, Europe, South America, and the United States.

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