NFT collaboration with the well-known animation series IP "Ling Cage(Incarnation)"

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Ling Cage(Incarnation) is a famous animation series in China. It has a good reputation among Chinese animation fans. I'm an anime fan so I felt very excited when I knew that the team who made Ling Cage would offer me a chance. What's more, it was a collaboration about NFT.

The team of Ling Cage gave me a lot of freedom to create. It's a great experience to work with them. I spent about half a month to make the artwork and finally completed it in the end of July.

Evolution of Mana

 The NFT collaboration artwork was first released to public at the exhibition of NFT Art Week in Beijing. The core team members from Ling Cage has attended the openning of the exhibition. The leader and I gave a talk about the collaboration and the view of NFTs with IP.

The NFT is about to open for sales. Stay tuned please:)

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