• Coffee cup Tetris

    Made in Dec 2019


    It's a Christmas-themed light installation, which is in collaboration with fashion brand Delicates. It is a screen made up of about 500 coffee cups. With a wireless gamepad, you can play Tetris remotely within 20 meters.

    Beijing CHAO window project

    "SOOS Little Friend"

    Made in Nov 2019


    Program a real-time generative kaleidoscope for the Soos little friend. It's a light installation cooperated with city artist Soos.

    "Color Fight" boxing projection

    Made in Mar 2019


    A real-time interactive projection for the Beijing Fight Club event. It captures the punches and visualizes the trajectory of the movements to splashing colors.

    Light graffiti installation "Re-filtrate"

    Made in Dec 2018


    It's a Kinect-based interactive installation. People can paint light graffiti with their hands. The canvas was changing continuously, every moment was a snapshot of the graffiti artwork.